Cheers To God

About The Show

Cheers to God is a believer’s talk show hosted by Naana Morrison that seeks to bring believers together through testimonies about the great doings of God in our lives and journeys.

We believe that with all the things we accomplish in our years and as believers, our stories are the perfect tools to encourage the youth and the younger generations. We are interested in knowing what made our guests’ lives what it is today – the good and the bad. Our stories hold the keys to bringing the youth and our peers closer to God. Cheers to God is planned to be broadcast on our YouTube and social media platforms, and eventually on TV.

A show dedicated to bringing you the stories of believers. This believer’s talk show bring to you the stories of your favorite celebrities and personalities and their extraordinary stories of how they became who they are today.

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About Naana Morrison

Naana Morrison is a Ghanain born but US-based motivational speaker, Life Coach, and faith guru.  Naana is a lover of Christ, very spiritual, but not religious. She writes below;

The reason I believe God put this show in my heart is that I was spiritually bullied when I didn’t know God. I went through so much spiritually because I did not understand the importance of spirituality, I was living in a world, without any spiritual direction.

I had an idea of the power of God but did not know that I need to connect to that higher power. So I was just a religious person who would just go to church and come home and that was just it. I didn’t have a personal relationship whatsoever with God. When I wanted to understand the depth of God, I still approached it from the viewpoint of a religion and not a relationship, where I believe I need to do something to deserve that relationship and this was what was handed down to me. And this didn’t make sense to me.

I wanted to know more about God, which was different from what I knew religiously. This quest to know more about God, His Ways, and His Love took me into understanding spirituality and understanding the love of God, how important it is. So the ‘Cheers To God’ show is to testify to the Love of God through my guest as they share their journey and encounter with God one after the other.

I want everybody to show compassion to people and understand that we’re not so different when it comes to experiencing God’s Love. It doesn’t matter if the person is a lesbian or gay because Jesus really loves everyone equally and would wish that we all come to his saving grace and to know His Way.

So I’m here to let people stay awake. I’m here to spread the message of Christ, the message that preaches love over judgment and sin. My message and mandate on earth is to spread the love of God in my own way and I chose to do it through ‘Cheers To God’.

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